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Celerato is a Swiss software company that advances structured reporting in the field of pathology. We offer an efficient all-in-one solution for creating structured reports, consisting of a comprehensive and intuitive software, as well as a large selection of intelligent reporting forms.


SynReport is a tool for structured reporting that complies with the highest standard currently developed (Level 6). The software can be used locally or in the cloud (SaaS). In addition to the report text, SynReport creates the associated, internationally used medical codes (WHO ICD-O, TNM, SNOMED), as well as data sheets for statistical analyses. In addition, it allows the direct import of external data (clinical data, molecular pathology, HPV genotyping).

Reporting Forms

We give you access to a variety of multilingual digital forms that can be used to create a well-organized report on a specific organ within a minimal amount of time. Based on the information provided, only the relevant questions and fields are continuously displayed in the form. As we continuously update the provided forms, the generated reports always comply with the current international standards (WHO, ICCR).

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SynReport Software

You get access to a software in which structured, standardized reports for diagnostic and research purposes can be created by means of digital forms.

Reporting Forms

We provide you with a variety of multilingual, intelligent forms for pathological (cancer & non-cancer) and cytopathological reporting. The forms we have developed comply with current international standards and are updated on an ongoing basis.


Our software allows you to customize forms according to your needs by hiding optional groups, renaming elements, and pre-filling values. In addition to the default selection options, all forms also contain a number of (mostly optional) free-text fields.


Statistical exports can be created directly from the data pool and first analyses can be performed immediately in the integrated statistics tool.


Data can be easily transported to and from surrounding systems. Supported data formats: Json/Xml/Soap/Rest/File-based/.DB).

Availability and support

The software is highly available and is already in productive use at several hospitals. Software support is included in the license costs.



Access all application functions and features.

Report Manager (SaaS)

Create and manage reports.

Form Manager

Manage, track and activate/update forms.

Form Customisation

Fine-tune form templates to your needs.

Reporting Templates

Access a variety of ready-to-use reporting templates.

Quick Selections

Fill out forms in a flash.

Form Editor

Quickly create your own forms.


Filter and export data with minimal effort.

Data Processing / Interfaces

Easy data processing for communication with the hospital environement.

Demo SynReport (Kidney Cancer Reporting)

In this demo you can see the structured reporting of a kidney cancer with the help of SynReport. Our software achieves the greatest benefit when integrated directly into the laboratory information system (LIS). After embedding, SynReport can be opened directly from the LIS, so that the generated report is automatically transferred to the LIS when the form is closed. The video shows the interaction of SynReport and the LIS software PathoPro by the German company IFMS GmbH.

Demo SynReport (Prostate Biopsy Reporting)

In this video you can see the structured reporting of a prostate biopsy in SynReport as well as the interaction of SynReport and the LIS software PathoWin+ by BasysData. After initial integration, reports can be directly opened from PathoWin+, edited in SynReport and upon closing automatically transferred to the LIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Included in the package of services we offer:

-SynReport, a tool for structured reporting in pathology (cancer/non-cancer, including cytopathology). Our software features highly-adaptive, touchscreen-compatible user interfaces and is capable of integrating information directly from electronic orders and analytical devices:

-A variety of intelligent web-based forms that guide the pathologist along organ-specific decision trees through the creation of a report. We provide ready-to-use forms that are created based on templates from the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR), but forms can also be customized if needed: form elements can be added or hidden, and ready-made text modules can be modified. The forms are provided in multiple languages and are regularly adapted to the latest standards. We are continuously developing additional forms based on the published ICCR templates, and are also happy to produce customer-specific forms on request.

A statistics tool for downloading the data generated in the background, in which initial statistical evaluations can also be performed. All data resulting from the use of the report forms belong to the customer. Celerato concludes contracts according to the general terms and conditions of the Swiss IT Conference.

Our software generates formatted medical reports in text form, including the appropriate medical codes (WHO ICD-O 3.2, SNOMED CT, UICC TNM) based on the selected elements, as well as raw data and filterable statistical data for research purposes and further analysis using artificial intelligence (AI).

Hardware requirements: 2 CPUs, 8GB RAM
Current browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
If you choose the cloud solution, this meets all the requirements and you can get started right away. If you prefer to install on-site (on-premises), a server with installed operating system (Windows or Linux), a SQL database (SQLServer or PostgreSQL) and the possibility of remote access for support purposes are also required.

-Time and cost savings: creating a report using our forms is significantly faster and less expensive than creating it in the traditional way (dictation and transcription). In addition, because we update the forms on an ongoing basis (see next item), clinicians who use our service no longer necessarily have to be concerned with the constantly changing standards. Last but not least, the instructional nature of our solution also makes it much less time-consuming to train prospective doctors.

-Improved report quality: our forms are regularly adapted to the latest versions of the ICCR form templates, as well as to the latest edition of the UICC TNM, so that the reports always comply with the current standards at the time of creation. In addition, automatic text generation and import of analysis data helps eliminate clerical errors and misunderstandings.

-Improved data quality: reports generated using our forms contain easily accessible, standardized data. This greatly simplifies the statistical analysis of medical data, which of course has enormous potential, especially for research purposes. The codes generated in the background can also be automatically sent to other data processors (e.g. HIS, cancer registries) on a standard basis.

Implementation levels of structured reporting.

SynReport is a tool for structured reporting of level 6. These stages/levels are described and visualized in detail in the image "Structured Reporting - Levels of Implementation". To highlight the differences, the defining properties of levels 1-6 are also listed below (the features of the previous levels are included in each of the subsequent levels).
Level 1: Reports in narrative language.
Level 2: Reports with locally standardized content.
Level 3: Reports that are structured according to specific criteria.
Level 4: Reports are created electronically (web form) with completeness check.
Level 5: Reports with internationally standardized content.
Level 6: Reports in which important form elements reflect internationally recognized codes.

ICCR-Cancer: International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting
. ICD-O: International Classification of Diseases for Oncology
SNOMED CT: Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms
LOINC: Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes


Celerato was founded to improve and automate reporting in medicine.

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